Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

Having been on holiday and then having a stupidly busy week with work, haven't blogged for a little bit!

I have had a terrible couple of days, but I do not want to throw myself a pity party......

Anyways, I went to see Bon Jovi last week, it was a real treat in so many ways.  It was my first concert in about 14 years!  I went with my Sister who I am trying to improve a relationship with, but big step for me I did not feel anxiety!  I couldn't have done this even if I wanted to over the last couple of years, I am so happy to be feeling more comfortable in my surroundings and pray that it continues.

So a few favourites from the show for you!

I wonder how many of you feel comfortable to Raise Your Hands at a concert, but at Church? meh.....

I have been facing some pretty tough times lately, but I know I have a Father in Heaven who I am important enough to him to care about me and my family, and this definately helps me to Keep The Faith.
btw Baptism coming up this Sunday, wonder if I could have Living On A Prayer as one of my song choices.........

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  1. Nice Bon Jovi references, though I think you'd raise some eyebrows with Living on a Prayer played in church at least you would in mine, which is unfortunate. They're one of my favorites, and one of the few I still feel comfortable listening to as a believer. :)

    I've become a follower of your blog. Mine is Manifest Blog if you're interested.