Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Baptism. Oh, Happy Day!

Well I have finally been dunked!  My old life buried and my new one walking with Jesus just begining!  I am still on a high!

The day went perfectly, as if it had been planned down to the last detail, of course God had it planned!  I didn't even know who was speaking at the service or what I was going to say myself!  The music was great, I had all 3 of my song choices plus a couple of others! 

After the service we were walking home when I got a text from my friend who had 'dunked' me.  We had both got changed afterwards in our Pastor Paul's office. 

The text said "Did you leave wet knickers/bra under Pauls desk? Check! Mine checked and confirmed back into house inventory!"

You have never seen me unpack a bag so quickly, I was on the pavement pulling out wet clothes desparately hoping to see my underwear - which I did!

With friends like that.......I am blessed!

My family came and spent the day with us and so did my wonderful friends.  I was given many wonderful scriptures to encourage me and I am so pleased I have done the right thing!

A friend from Church captured the whole thing on video so if you would like to see it click here !  The dunk is about 9 mins in!

Thank you to everyone who is/has been reading this, I hope I can do nothing more than encourage you in your life with God, by sharing about mine.

God Bless You

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  1. Wet knickers and bras in the pastor's study. That's truly hilarious! Of course, you could have disowned them.