Thursday, 7 July 2011

Under Attack. The Father of Lies

Having been so thrilled with my personal progress and conquering of fears over the last few weeks and months, God has been magnificent in my life and many people close and not so close have commented on the difference in me.

So this week with my Baptism coming up on Sunday, I was feeling better than ever.  There's the clue 'was'.

Every weakness in me has been tested this week, my anxiety levels have been higher than usual, and my inner conscience has been trying to trick me. He has even tried to enlarge the wedge between me and my husband.  I will not listen to the Father of Lies.

I have recognised I am under attack, I am a threat.

I will not fall for the lies though, I am doing the right thing, declaring I have a God who loves me and who I want to follow.  On Sunday I will stand strong wearing the armour of God.  Ephesians 6:11-18

Please remember to pray for anyone who is doing God's will, that they will resist the Devil, you're not a threat to him if you're idle!

btw, Phil Wickham isn't doing very well in the song poll on my facebook page!  If you haven't placed your vote yet, please do!


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