Friday, 22 July 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

There is no way this post could pass by without me including the amazing Pink Floyd's Coming Back To Life and at just over 6 mins long, it's positively one of their shortest songs!  I am still overwhelmed by my feeling of being woken from a deep sleep, it's like I keep realising things that have happened that I missed, but, I was actually there - wierd.

Guitar lessons are going well and we're throwing some worship songs into the mix, don't want to end up backsliding by learning too much AC/DC. Have to try and have a go at learning this one this week I See The King Of Glory Hosanna it is a beautiful song, so it will be a pleasure to give it a go.

Woop, woop 80's party tomorrow, forget your Wham and Culture Club and Duran Duran, this is what I loved in the 80's raunchy, clever, phenominal drummer! you see the theme there - long hair and guitars!  Every time!

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