Sunday, 26 June 2011

Credit The Creator

On our holiday there was lots of wildlife that came up close to our villa, they obviously know where the food can be found and aren't scared by people.

Although my friend wasn't very impressed with the squirrels, or rats with fluffy tails, as she affectionately calls them! We were all really please to see a deer, especially so close.             

I can sometimes irritate my family with wanting to record every beautiful thing I see in a picture.  I am not a photographer by any stretch, but the outdoors excites me so much I would love to be able to do it proper justice with decent pictures!                

My husband really liked this picture, I didn't think it was that great and I knew all I had done was point and shoot, but he really complimented me on it.

I then realised even if I was a proffesional photographer who took amzing wildlife shots, there is only one person who can take credit for the shots - God!  The Creator of all things.

Without God there would be no beautiful flowers, majestic scenery, breathtaking landscapes and cute rats with fluffy tails!  All credit to the Creator!

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  1. The pic of the deer looks like it should be on a cross stitch canvas! Very neat!