Friday, 15 July 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

Oooh we do like a bit of music!  I have re-acquainted myself with the old guitar and am having some proper lessons by a proper person who knows how to play properly!

I think I have pretty much mastered the classic can't get enough of you love!  Barre chords aaghh!

Have been invited to an 80's party next week, I'm torn between 3 choices of who to go as - I think.

1. Debbie Harry, Blondie

2. Carol Decker, T'pau

3. Souxie, S and the Banshees

The eighties were my childhood decade and at one point I attempted to become a 'goth'.  My poor Mum was just delighted that I was wearing a skirt, she overlooked the fact that it was a black fringey tassled one, I wasn't brave enough to fully rebel and dye my hair black and wear, shock, horror, MAKE UP!

My 'goth' phase lasted all of a week and then I got into Heavy Metal, it was easier to get away with the 'double denim' look and not offend my parents, and I don't think they could understand a single word that was coming out of the record player!

Obviously I will be nailing this riff soon sweet child o mine and maybe I'll just go to the party as an eighties rocker - stay in my comfort zone!

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