This Is Me!

When I first started this blog, I decided to make it anonymous, mainly because I didn't really know who I was at the time. I think I am still finding out.

Also I wasn't sure how deeply I would share, but I think the anonymity makes it too risky for me to be too open and this isn't necessarily the place to do that!

As I'm growing in my faith I'm becoming a little more confident in expressing my beliefs, ideas and opinions for what they're worth!

I love music, and have been learning guitar for a few years and now occasionally play with the worship groups in my church which I love doing. I consider myself to have a funny bone and enjoy comedy on all levels; I always tell people I'm great value when it comes to jokes because I have a terrible memory for punch lines, so you can tell me the same joke as many times as you like and you're always guaranteed a laugh. 

I've been married for 20 odd years and we have four wonderfully different children, who surprise and delight and frustrate me each and every day!

So now you know (if you were ever that interested). My name is Naomi, and I'm getting used to living the way my face tells people I feel. (I'm pretty good at smiling and laughing my way through, when I feel like crap inside and my standard phrase is "I'm alright!")

God Bless, and thanks to those of you that stop by and read and comment, it's really encouraging and always welcomed.