Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Parents and In-Laws (Or as some people prefer - Outlaws)

Week Five

Quiche (I know), Salad & New Potatoes followed by Apple & Blackberry Crumble - result.

Well for me the main question of the night was, "should Quiche be served hot or cold"?

Must admit, haven't done our marriage-course homework the last couple of weeks, and we're not that unhappy with our relationship towards our parents, so not too bad a session last night.

It probably helps that a lot of work has been done with my counsellor, so I am not really unearthing anything surprising, however, if we had done the course a few years ago we both agree we would have really been opening up Pandora's Box.

So I guess we would have faced our issues sooner or later.

Next week, the one we've all been waiting for.......Good Sex!

Although my counsellor suggested this week I approach it from a different angle.....oh, behave, I didn't mean that.

Let me know your opinions on the Quiche!


  1. Room temperature...always serve at room temperature!!! ;)

  2. Good Sex! Talk about opening Pandora's box! LOL

  3. Warm quiche. Slightly warmer than room temp, but not hot.

    Mmmmm, quiche.....

  4. I don't talk about quiche in public, lol ;-)

  5. There had been talk of haveing it HOT!!! But we had it cold - AS IT SHOULD BE!!! Don't challenge me on this Brother's & Sister's.