Friday, 3 June 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

Whoa, these weeks are going fast - June already!

Listening to UCB radio earlier in the week, I thought I recognise that song, or rather, I recognise the words to that song.  The last time I sang it I was probably stood under protest at the back of a purpose built Gospel Hall, looking forward at a congregation of old men in suits and old ladies in hats thinking 'can this tune get any worse?'  Thank goodness for modern worship and the people who recognise that electrical instruments aren't the work of the Devil, but the gift of God to man to praise him in the most amazing way.....Glorious Day 

Baby Can You Hold Me Tonight I can say that, but I can't say 'sorry' and I can't say 'I love you', so this song is as if it's too me, not from me.  Lots of talking and high emotions have led on from our marriage course this week, we both know where our issues are.  I keep finding myself saying I just don't know what 'love' is, I know when I'm happy or sad or upset, but if someone says 'I love you', they could say, 'd'you want a cup of tea' I'm indifferent, so I hesitate to say the phrase myself, with that in mind I Wanna Know What Love Is.

Finally this week the sun came out and with it came The Pop Singers Fear Of The Pollen Count!

I can't believe it's only next month I will be getting baptised!  Can't wait!  At the moment I think this is my favourite potential song to have during the service Because Of Your Love.  Thankfully, that is the one love I do understand, I didn't used to think it was for me, but now I get it, it is for everyone who wants to accept it and live their daily life with it.  Thank you Jesus!

Happy weekend everyone! x

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