Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wiki's Down, But The Truth Will Still Out.........

Wow! I had just read this "A number of high-profile websites are taking part in a 24-hour "blackout"" and then immediately my lappy blacked out!  It's happening I thought, they're watching me, how did they know I was on-line? Oh, no, I just needed to plug the charger back in.

Anyway I was going to bring you a highly informative post about Saint Cliff Richard and just how far his relationships with Una Stubbs and Sue Barker really went, but as you probably know Wikipedia has gone on strike so I'll just have to make the information up.

Cliff and Una met while making a film about a bus that went on holiday.  Cliff at the time was 43 and Una was 17, they tried to keep their relationship a secret but they couldn't hide the chemistry.  Nor could Cliff hide the fact that he was actually Melvyn Hayes father, something he still denies to this day.  It was this that Una felt she couldn't handle, being just 17 and becoming step-mum to Melvyn was just to much to bear, so they parted ways soon after the bus arrived in Llandudno for it's holiday.  As far as I know the bus is still there.

Thirty years later with Cliff now being 73 he started dating Sue Barker, their love of tennis brought them together and they enjoyed many a happy game together, some have speculated that the relationship didn't get past Love - 30, but I can tell you it got to Deuce and then Cliff, sly old dog that he is took the Advantage.

But Cliff, bless him, has been proud of his faith and always shares of his love for Jesus at his shows, but now at the grand old age of 107 he has remained true to his song title and remained a 'Bachelor Boy'  God Bless you Cliff.  And who needs Wikipedia?

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