Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bad Day Today

Bad day today, cried & slept my way through most of it.  My eyes now resemble that of a Panda that's had an allergic reaction to a bamboo shoot..........or something like that.

Great start to the New Year hey?

I nearly ran away today,
I nearly left my home,
I wanted to run away today,
I wanted to be alone.
Lord let me run to you today,
let me leave my home,
I want to be with you today,
to be with you alone.


  1. God loves you as you are and is always there even in our darkest hour. He is the light, our strength and salvation and will lift us up.
    Prayers go out to you and for you,

  2. Thank you. I had been doing really well! I know God is with me tho & I must try not to want to run away but to face things with Him by my side.