Friday, 13 May 2011

Friends Will Be Friends

Faces have been removed to protect the innocent!

Once a week me & my friends meet up usually for breakfast.  We are not your ladies what lunch on rivita and cream cheese, we like a good cooked breakfast and coffee and cakes!

We happen to be members of the same church, which does make our relationships and time together special.  We love a good gossip, ahem, I mean sharing prayerful concerns! 

Aside from my family these are the most treasured people in my life, they have laughed with me, cried with me and prayed with me.  Without a special couple of them I honestly dread to think of what today would be like.......if I was still here.

Although we all attend church and are Christians, there is no exclusivity and it is especially nice when we are joined by a non-Christian friend, as well as the opportunity to meet more people, it is great to show ourselves as perfectly normal ladies, who love a laugh and can enjoy the odd naughty conversation along with the best of them!

Sometimes to ask a friend along to Church can seem almost impossible, but to ask them to join you in a social setting is far more natural and our lives become our testimony.

I can remember a very lonely time in my life, when I was so consumed with a young family but I desparately wanted friends, friends who I would still have long after the kids had left home, friends who I could tell my deepest fears and shames to and know I wouldn't be judged.

I prayed and asked God for that, and boy did he deliver!  It might have taken quite a few years for these friendships to form and then a few years after that for me to fully accept that they also valued my friendship, but I think I am there now.

If you are a friend that is being leaned on, you are worth more than you will ever know.  And if you are leaning on a friend at the moment remember to thank God for their special role in your life.


  1. Fellowship is beautiful and is an extraordinary blessing. What a great post. I haven't been as fortunate to find other christian women until recently to get together with, share our faith and prayers with and just plain hang out together. Now that I am experiencing true fellowship, I am realizing that it is, indeed, a precious gift.
    Great post!

  2. What an encouragement about friendship. Thanks T.C. It blessed me. :)

  3. Oh dear, having one of those, can't stop crying days!

    On my way to breakfast, I just felt myself continually welling up and I wanted to be with my friends, but I didn't want to put a brave face on. I turned around to walk back home, and bumped into one of our number who I'm not even that close with, the minute she said hi and asked if I was on my way I just burst into tears.

    God knew I needed someone, but not an overwhelming force, a promise of prayer and some kind words and I was on my way back home, still teary but knowing my friends are praying for me.