Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Building Strong Foundations

Week One

Lasagne and salad, followed by Apple pie and Cream.

No, I haven't taken part in Come Dine With Me, although I absolutely would love to do that, but I'm not a great cook, and my home is usually very unpresentable, so the bit where they rummage through your drawers could be my downfall!

This was the meal that started off our evening at The Marriage Course.  Which I have to say was a valuable experience, of course, it is only week one.  'Good Sex' comes in week 6 - we're all looking forward to that!

You basically watch a DVD, and are given your own individual private manuals.  After the first clip you have 40 mins by yourselves to answer a list of statments in the manual about yourself and your partner, when you've finished you compare with each other, which opens up a dialogue about how completely different your answers are, and shows you up as being completely incompatible.........or the other way round and you realise actually you're not so bad together after all!

It wasn't as patronising as I feared it would be, and so far I would recommend it!

We do have to, at some point this week, find a two hour child free slot in order to do the 'homework' excercises from the manual.

It must have inspired something in my husband, because when we walked home he took a detour, which took us past the tree where we had our first kiss.........awwwww!

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