Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ever Faithful Seasons

I am lucky enough (or considering the destination is my counsellor, unlucky enough!)to do an hours drive every couple of weeks through the most beautiful countryside.

I have always loved the outdoors and if I could somehow mould myself into it I would.

Back in the winter my friend was driving me and the scenery in the frost was simply incredible, I did not want to take my eyes off it, and I didn't have too.

Today, I was driving myself, and as I passed field after field of rapeseed oil flowers I thought of how much this excites me year after year. 

I took this picture last year on a day at a zoo farm while on the tractor ride.  That day we had seen Zebra's, Giraffe's, Lion's, Tiger's............but what excited me the most was being on the back of a trailer driving through the middle of the rapeseed oil field!  I loved it! Being in the middle of the colour and the smell was just so incredible for me!

And every year as this season approaches, wherever we are driving out and about, it's almost as if I see the yellow fields for the first time every year, every sense is stimulated.

It is beyond imaginable how God came up with such a landscape from nothing, and no words seem complete enough to tell him how I feel about it.

I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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