Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Venus & Jupiter

At the moment, I'm sure you're aware, if you look out to the West after dusk you will clearly see Jupiter and Venus with the naked eye.

I am not at all interested in planets and space - I still haven't got my head around whether the Earth spins round the Sun or the Sun goes around the Earth; so long as I get  a few sunny days on the beach in the Summer who cares?

My husband likes it and it's kind of more a boy thing anyway, but I have to say it does interest me when 'space' things come around from time to time and the ordinary person without a telescope and a stalker-like interest in Patrick Moore can enjoy it.

Tonight though, God gave us more than beautiful planets to admire, He gave us a conversation to have; started by our eldest daughter.

She doesn't know what she should or shouldn't believe in at the moment, everything seems to confuse her and we're just patiently waiting for her to make her own decisions and see that we've got it right!

Her looking into the sky and seeing those planets awesomely clear led to her asking all about creation and evolution and how did they get there and why aren't there new species and how did two rocks collide and was it really only seven days and who made the big bang happen and who did kill Frank on Coronation Street?

I'm serious; she can't wait to find out who killed Frank. We don't watch Corrie, but we did our best to answer her sceptical questions. It was fun, she respected what we believed and we accepted that she had doubts and questions.

Have a look up into the Heaven's.  What do you see?

Psalm 8:3
"When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place".

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