Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blogging Is More Fun Than Running!

I'd rather blog than run any day of the week! My friend convinced us to take part in the Bristol 10k to raise money via 'Love Running' for the poor the oppressed and the needy.  I just hope at the end of it I don't find myself falling into one of those categories!

Why I agreed to this malarkey I'll never know, I'm not that convinced I've been given the gift of writing but I know I haven't been given the gift of physical excursion!

But what I am enjoying doing is updating the just giving page. That has been great fun to write about how the training is going and even better because I have been collaborating writing with my best friend, we really do think we're French & Saunders!  It's a shame she's such a techno-phobe, because she's hilarious and would make a great blogger, but she doesn't even facebook or tweet!  She's only just got the hang of texting bless her!

Anyway we're raising money on the basis if you read the just giving blog and laugh, you should sponsor us, please don't sponsor us purely on the basis of running the 10k, the pressure will be too great!

To take a look at our page go to

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