Monday, 26 March 2012

Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers is a badass, who becomes a Christian and remains a badass.

The film is about Sam who was into drugs and guns and fighting, he turns his life around when he becomes a Christian, he drops the drugs, he tones down the fighting, but he very much keeps the guns!

Sam ends up in Sudan on a construction mission with his church. While there he witnesses the awful things that are happening to the children there.

Eventually he decides to build an orphanage and does all he can to rescue the children from the rebels, and if he comes across someone in his way who's prepared to fire at him, he'll fire back!

Some people may think because he's a Christian he shouldn't be using violence, some people may think his language is too colourful, some people may think they can sit in their home and pray and it will all work out fine; well maybe your prayers got answered in the form of Sam Childers.

You can hear an interview with Sam about the film here Premier Radio interview with Sam Childers

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