Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jeff Lucas And Adrian Plass Seriously Funny Tour

After the week I'd had, if these guys hadn't made me laugh there would have been trouble!  They did not disappoint.

Having read their Seriously Funny book I knew they were funny guys, but if I'm honest I wasn't expecting much, I mean, come on, Christian comedy?

Ever heard the phrase 'comedy timing'? Adrian Plass could give a master class in it, his delivery was so good he had you laughing in anticipation of what you knew was going to be a well worth waiting for punchline!

I did wonder if it would just be a 'live' re-telling of the stories in their book, but I only recalled about two, so there were lots of new laughs.

They cover many Christian related topics, such as speaking in tongues, where if you find yourself in a highly charismatic/pentecostal church and it is expected of you, but you don't have this gift, you can get away with it by reciting the 1990 Sri Lankan cricket team!

And about how to cope on meeting the 'perfect' all-round Christian family, whose children all play musical instruments, and they have 'family worship' together and they turn to you and ask how you organise your family-fellowship time!

They were able to find humour in topics as dark as death and depression, without being disrespectful or irreverent, and as with the book, they seamlessly weaved hysterical anecdotes with the message that Jesus is a good guy to get to know, without being at all 'preachy'.

Well recommended if you can get tickets for the last few dates, and you could easily take a non-Christian friend without cringing!

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