Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Too Much Too Young

This week one of my daughters ex-classmates was killed when the quadbike he was riding crashed while being chased by the police.  He was 17.

He had been in and out of care and had made some bad choices, but by all accounts he was a nice lad.

I just can't get over the age. 17.  All you've ever really done is gone to school, everything is ahead of you and's over.

One of my friends has a niece who is dangerously ill with anorexia.  She is 18. I believe she has been ill with it for a number of years.  She is on the verge of being sectioned and if this happens it could put an end to her chances of pursuing a career in nursing.  This dreadful illness is threatening her whole future at just the age of 18.

One life tragically taken by a catalogue of wrong choices, no doubt led to by the lack of a stable up-bringing.  And another hanging in the balance because of a catalogue of believed lies.

I met my husband when I was 17.  That changed my future. What have you got if you haven't got your future?

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