Sunday, 13 November 2011

I Will Live My Life For You............Will I?

This song is very special to me, I'm sure all of us as Christians are in awe of the love Jesus has for us.  But when we sang it in Church this morning, it spoke to me differently.

God told me, "I accept your thanks for my sacrifice, but I want you to make some sacrifices, I want you to show the grace & love I have shown you to the ones that have hurt you beyond your understanding"

If I am living and giving my life for Jesus I have to express that in my attitude and actions to others.  I can't excuse it with, "but you will never believe how much ..........hurt me".

This has been a battle of mine for a while, and although I have done forgiving and talked and gone over and this and that, I just couldn't seem to get over that final hurdle of letting go of the
hurt.  I have prayed and others have prayed (including some of my fellow bloggers!) for a restoration of my marriage, and I really felt God say this morning that I could do it, I could freely give my life to show the grace that I needed to show, because God showed that same grace to me, knowing that I would hurt Him beyond understanding.

I have probably heard or read a million times 'we should live like Jesus and treat others with love etc...' but it is difficult to put into practice unless you are asking God through His Holy Spirit to help you do that.  That is why I know that today I understood the words of living my life for Him, to be relevant to what I was going through, because I had been asking God to work in me in that way.

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