Saturday, 29 October 2011

Seriously Funny Adrian Plass & Jeff Lucas

Written communications between two friends, who are sometimes funny, sometimes grumpy, sometimes controversial, but always endearing.  Adrian and Jeff are on a wavelength probably similar to a lot of us, but they have had the guts to put their opinions in print.

I am essentially a nosey person, so to have the opportunity to read someones 'private correspondence' really appealed to me! I also like the reality of the situations of which they write, their anecdotes of book signings and tour interpreters are hilarious!
Their faithful thread is not lost in the humour though, with their thoughts of Jesus' reaction and the way a Christian might be used by the Holy Spirit in mundane situations is both touching and thought provoking.

If you are offended by the humour or some of the language in this book, you may need to re-address your outlook on what it means to be a 'normal, run of the mill, fun-loving, Jesus-serving Christian'.

p.s. Seeing them on their 'Seriously Funny' tour next month, so will probably do a little post on that!                                                                                 

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