Thursday, 27 October 2011

Trick or Treat. Really?

I don't celebrate Halloween, why?  Because I'm a Christian? Partly.  Because I'm British and can't stand over consumerised nonsense? Definitely.

I haven't really got any big high and mighty ideas about the evils and witchcraft etc.  I just think it's daft to dress up as something horrendous and go out and beg.

I don't 'get' the celebration.  Sure it was pinched from the pagans etc.  But then so was Christmas......don't get me started on Santa!

What confuses me more though are the churches that provide an alternative party or celebration.  I'm not really sure why? Doesn't this only indicate, that Halloween is such an amazing event that usually Christians don't celebrate and we feel so awful about our convictions that we are going to offer you an alternative? Yay.

We have never taken part in Halloween, simply by not answering the door and fortunately we have been spared the unsociable behaviour.  But I have also never been pestered by my kids for a pumpkin or to go 'trick or treating'.  Because we've never been involved they've never asked or felt they've missed out.

For the few Christian parents I have heard agonising over what to tell their little sweetheart that has asked to go 'trick or treating' for the first time this year, here's my advice.  If you're bothered by it because of your faith, tell them that.  And if you feel allowing them to go to an alternative Church party is the answer, you're only fueling the idea that Halloween is worth celebrating.

Halloween, do you or don't you?

And remember's spooky out there........

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  1. Great thoughts today. I see it as a way to interact with my community. My neighbors are out celebrating. We get the family together and dress up the kids. We eat pizza. We don't do scary costumes. I think you bring up a great point about churches. Definitely some thing to think about.