Thursday, 20 October 2011

Puzzling Questions What Happens After Death?

So what happens after death? There are no right or wrong answers because nobody can know exactly.  But I don't think 'a family gathering and a buffet' is the answer we're looking for.

I think it's pretty straight forward in so much as, if you are a true follower and believer in Christ, one day you will be with God in Heaven for eternity.

And if you have chosen not to follow Christ, well the alternative is a little hotter.

As to the timings of these events ie straight after death, when Jesus returns, after the 1000 year reign etc, I am not very good at retaining or studying academic information, so I can't really say when I think I'll be in Heaven, I just know it will be when I'm dead!

The dvd we're watching doesn't ever answer the questions, but then the questions are such that there isn't really a correct answer, it is to do with how you feel, what you believe, and whether or not you want to explore the topics even further and possibly come to have a faith in God, where hopefully some of the questions/answers might make sense!

It is difficult going through it as a Christian, because you're answers all hinge around that, so it would be interesting to hear a complete non-Christian perspective.  Some of the voxpops from the street are obviously non-Christian, but one stuck in my mind. They go around the street asking various people the question, "What do you think happens after you die?" A chap answered something along the lines of "probably nothing, but I hope there's something better."

I pray that he follows that enquiring thought in his head, I can't think of anything more sad than somebody hoping to find something that they don't even really believe let alone understand.

I listened to these two podcasts this year Liquid Church Hell, Heaven & The Afterlife Mars Hill Church (Driscoll) Revelation which I really enjoyed and got a lot out of them, but frustratingly like I said, I just cannot retain information in my brain (unless it's lyrical, so if one day the Bible is made as a musical from start to finish, I'll be alright), so however well studied, I don't feel confident that what I'm saying is Biblicaly correct.  I shoot from the heart!

So, what's gonna happen after you die?

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