Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What Is Going On?!

 These are not protesters fighting a cause, they are mindless thugs, they are making a mockery of anyone with true grievances and are an embarassment to our country. Praying for it to STOP NOW, before innocent lives are lost and more livelihoods destroyed.
These are not race riots.  The trigger was the shooting of a black man Mark Duggan, but that does not explain the looting, the burning, the robbing, the violence against numerous innocent people.  This behaviour has been bubbling under the surface for about 18 months now, I do not condone it, it sickens me, but the people responsible can't seem to find the right way to get people's attention.  Our country has let them down, we have cut funding for the police the nhs the teachers but the big guys at the top appear to remain unaffected.  It was obvious something was going to give, sadly the shooting was enough to spark all those contained angry emotions.

I do not know how the government and those in charge are now going to clean this mess up, but I do know that the law-abiding citizens on the street are going out organising clean-up's via twitter and facebook. 

Only yesterday we had a fab day in Bristol at the Cabot Circus shopping centre and the previous day we spent in the City of Cardiff.  Our country has such diverse cities and could be united in so many other ways,  I am all for mulit-culturalism, I think it's what makes the cities come alive and I feel proud to live in a country that other nations want to come and live in, these thugs of all colours and nationalities are only making more problems for their own personal selves.

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