Friday, 5 August 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

Good week this week, lovely weather, kids happy, ice cold beers - oh except for my neighbours who posted on facebook about their desparation of being in a house without any. so I said to my husband pop across with a couple of beers,  I was then really confused as to why he got in his car - they only live opposite us.  Then my daughter guessed he was going to his friends house who has the same name as our neighbour, while we cringed with embarassment at what we forsaw as the unfolding scene, hubby drove back in and said "which Rich did you mean?" phew! Neighbours relieved, no-one embarassed, beers all round.

I posted earlier posted earlier in the week about a fab song that came on the radio, it was so good I have included it today as well, but with a different video, I love it when you call, so if you bothered to look at the first one and think, well I've seen that one I won't click - think again.  I would hate to be too repetative.

Lastly I listened to a podcast  By Tim Lucas from liquid church earlier in the week about embracing the new chapters in your life, and how it is hard to let go of the old chapters but sometimes you just need faith to trust God to take you to new beginings, then a friend sent me an email of the word for today which told of how Naomi thought she couldn't go on, but God had bigger and better plans for her.  I am really feeling that at the moment, I am approaching a big change, I think I know what God is placing on my heart to do and I am really trying to follow through with it, starting at home first (maybe a future post on that to come) Anyhow I think for now the appropriate worship song is who is there like you because it has the phrase 'your power at work in me, is changing me.

I know God has and will continue to change me!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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