Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Original Blog

I love going to blogs and podcasts as a source of teaching and faith building and encouragement, and they provide all that, but a couple of posts I read recently really reminded of the original source of our teaching and faith building and encouragement – The Bible.
God also revealed this to me recently when I decided I wanted to find out more about the women in the Bible, of course my first call was the internet, but when I actually just sat down and read Eve’s story for myself in the Bible (which of course I thought I was completely familiar with) it really spoke to me.
I really believe the Holy Spirit was guiding me to read that passage for myself and not just look at others views of it.
Eve gets a really bad wrap, but would any of us behaved any differently?  Do we sometimes not listen to the lies of the Evil one telling us if something seems good, surely God won’t mind us going after it?  After all we deserve it, right? Wrong.  We deserve nothing, but by God’s grace we are free to make right and wrong choices.
But look at what Eve achieved!  Without her you would not exist!  She was created by God to be a ‘suitable helper for Adam’ Genesis 2:18 She was his equal, She laid down the outlines for marital commitment, coming from Adam’s flesh to unite them as one being.  If man and woman in marriage become one person, that means man and woman must be equal.  You wouldn’t think your left side of your body was not as important as your right side would you?
God created a world that needed populating and Eve bore many children in pain to accomplish God’s plan.
If when the Serpent tempted Eve she had gone straight to God and said ”what should I do?”  God may well have said ”the choice is yours” or maybe he would have said “let me refer you back to our conversation where I said you could eat any fruit, but not from the tree in the middle of the garden or you will die” Genesis 3:3
What are you going to do?  God has already told us what to do in our lives, if we are not sure it’s ok to check with Him through his word.  Generations upon generations of people didn’t pass these scriptures down to be mass produced in every language conceivable for us to go, ‘hmmm, wonder what I should do, there’s got to be a blog or podcast on that somewhere’ Go to your Bible the answers are all there!
Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of the #digidisciple and some of the blogs and podcasts I’ve come across have been phenomenally helpful, and I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t think someone somewhere would get something from it, just a warning that nothing can replace the Holy inspired word of God, The Bible.  The original blog.


  1. Great thoughts! You may enjoy a book entitled "Bad Girls of the Bible" > http://www.amazon.com/Girls-Bible-What-Learn-Them/dp/1578561256

    The author presents the stories of Biblical women in an engaging, narrative format and then provides everyday life application.

    On another note, I noticed your comment on "The Stepping Stone" blog regarding mealtime prayers. Just out of curiosity, was your grace prayer, "Bless, O Father, Thy gifts to our use and us to Thy service; for Christ’s sake. Amen"? I'm American, and I was just wondering if that was a standard prayer for folks in the UK.

    I'm really enjoying your blog. Love the candid style :)

  2. Thanks for your comments. No, that's not a grace I've heard over here! My husband just used to say the same thing every night, but now we chuck in a comment about our day, or what we're actually about to eat...."yum,........ spag bol again, no, honestly, thank you God!"

  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity :) The prayer I mentioned was Anglican (I think), and I wasn't sure if people of other denominations in the UK may use it. Spag bol... yup, we have that a lot too - quick and easy!

  4. Take note that in the "conversation" where God said not to eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden (Genesis 2:16), Eve had not yet been created. It is inferred that Adam would have had to pass that command down to his wife -- kind of like being part of his responsibility as the leader of his household. This is perhaps another reason why Eve was so easily persuaded by the snake: she didn't actually hear God give the command himself. When the serpent says, "Did God really say" (Genesis 3:1), he's likely asking her if she knows that God really said that. He's planting doubt in her mind so that the temptation he's about to lay on her is more persuasive.

    This would be yet another reason why it's so important to know exactly what it is we believe as given to us by the Spirit of God himself. Not according to someone's blog or Tweet or podcast, but actually from God's word. Granted, there are some concepts in scripture that are difficult to understand. Peter even acknowledges that in 2 Peter 3:16. It is for that reason it's important to consult a study Bible or book on the subject or a pastor or what-have-you rather than relying upon our own interpretation (blogs and podcasts are a lot more opinion driven and less reliable). But that's not to excuse the need for our own personal study time in the word. Know what God says. Our study comes first and the consultation comes second. Well said.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Truly appreciate your thoughts & comments.

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  7. Welcome back anytime! Thanks for your comments.

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