Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Taught a Little, Learned a Lot

This was my response to a blog, when asked to sum up your life in 5-6 words.  Tricky isn't it?  You don't want to come across as big-headed or worse, a failure.

I would like to think that in my life so far I have been able to share things with family, friends and especially my kids that they can learn from me, even if it is only to share every possible way I've gone wrong so they may not make the same mistakes.

No matter how much we feel we can impart to others, there will always be room to learn more ourselves.

Psalm 119:33-40 (CEV)
33Point out your rules to me, and I won't disobey even one of them.
34Help me to understand your Law; I promise to obey it with all my heart.
35Direct me by your commands! I love to do what you say.
36Make me want to obey you, rather than to be rich.
37Take away my foolish desires, and let me find life by walking with you.
38I am your servant! Do for me what you promised to those who worship you.
39Your wonderful teachings protect me from the insults that I hate so much.
40I long for your teachings. Be true to yourself and let me live.
Who or what are we looking to learn from?  Celebreties, Sports heroes, Politicians..........God?

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