Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ex Gang Member Tells Sky News He Is Born Again Christian

Sky News Interview

Two fine young Christian men. Looking beyond the 'I blame the parents' mentality.  I was shocked to hear the death stats from gang crime and I realised at that point I felt immense guilt.  Do I cry when I hear about another drug shooting?  I probably don't even blink, I accept that happens in 'certain areas' but start looting T.V's and trainers and there is an absolute outcry over material goods. A persons life, whoever they are is worth more than a shop full of replaceable goods. What do you think about gang crimes? They get what they deserve? Does anyone deserve to be gang-raped and stabbed?

I know this isn't what this week has been about, but this is the environment that surrounds a lot of the kids who were out there looting this week, I want to see everyone involved punished for what they did, I thought it was absolutely despicable.  But I also want to see these kids given a hope - there is just no hope anymore.

My husband has not had full time sustainable work for about two years now and IT IS HARD!  So if you are in the inner city 18 years old, no prospects, no decent role models, that doesn't equal go and destroy, but they simply don't know how else to express themselves, they need HELP.

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  1. so true. just talking about this over lunch today. but what can we do? no quick fix answer I am sure...