Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter, A New Start

Easter is more about 'new' beginnings for me than New Year is. I actually think it's my favourite celebratory season.  It hasn't quite yet hit the commercialism of Christmas (although it's getting there!)

However tenuous the links are between the Easter eggs, bunny's and chick's and the like and Jesus' death and Resurrection, there is more of a link there than tree's inside houses and gaudy tinsel and Jesus' birth!

I love the hope Easter brings of the restoration God can bring about in our lives, whatever is broken and hopeless, He is there and is able to say to us "I will make it new, you can start again with my help".

And just in case there is any doubt about that, I think someone that is able to make a dead person alive again is quite able to equip us to resolve our puny problems!

Luke 1:37 ESV
"For nothing will be impossible with God.”

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