Thursday, 12 April 2012

Some People Are Gay. God Loves Them

Oh dear, silly Christians, who think the best form of defence is attack.

This is the proposed slogan The Core Issues Trust want to put on London buses in response to gay rights group Stonewall who's advert said "Some people are gay. Get over it".

I'm a Christian, not sure if that's clear enough on this blog, but there you have it. I do believe homosexuality is a sin, as is sex before marriage, as is nicking paperclips from work, and there is suitable counselling out there for Christians who are struggling with these issues.  Although you may have to disassemble your paperclip model of Stone Henge and return the paperclips.

For as much as I do not want to know if you are Gay and 'get over it', what you do in your private life is up to you and what I do in mine is up to me; I believe we will both have to answer to God for it eventually. I do not think it is in any way correct for a counselling group to advertise their services via an obvious attack back!  It just confirms what a lot of people already think, that Christians are homophobic, intolerant and above all stupid!

I'm pretty sure The Core Issues Trust aren't homophobic, it'd be pretty difficult to counsel someone you're scared of.

I hope that they're actually, albeit a little misguidedly, trying to show God's love which covers mankind no matter what their gender or sexuality or stationary fetish. 

God loves you and if you're Gay and that's a problem for YOU, then God wants you to seek help with that.  If that is a problem for someone else, carry on as you are but don't tell us about it on buses.

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