Friday, 16 September 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

Came across this posted by a friend on facebook!

Maybe it's the fellowship of being with fellow Christians that makes the difference when singing worship songs from the heart?  Maybe it's the environment, the expectation of meeting with God and the movement of the Holy Spirit?

No matter how much I try at home, I really struggle to sing or listen to worship songs at home.  I just find them so cliched and sort or samey, and as for Christian radio stations.........they'd be great if it weren't for the music.........and the presenters..........

That said, one of my favourite parts of our Church service is the worship and many times I have felt God's presence and the Holy Spirit working within me and I mean every word I sing and I think the songs are great, for me they just don't seem to translate outside of the Church environment!

Can you give good worship during Monday to Saturday?


  1. This video is incredible. I've never seen it before it. Yet, it is so right on to how we too often live.

  2. It's good isn't it - thought provoking!