Friday, 9 September 2011

Five Minute Friday.........In Real Life

The Gypsy Mama's topic this week is 'In Real Life' Five minutes un-edited writing.......go.

I start the day full of confidence, nothing can go wrong. Nothing terrifies me and I have the strength and the will and the patience to cope with anything.

I will not have a ridiculously stupid unnecessary argument with my teenage daughter.
My kids will go to school in perfectly clean and pressed clothes with their hair done up in the tidiest of styles.
I will clean through the whole house and make sure dinner is prepared ready for the evening.
I will know exactly who is doing what and has to be where over the weekend.  I am organised and have known our plans quite a few weeks in advance.
I have already done a quiet time/bible study and understood everything God was telling me, why do people find that so hard? It’s bliss!
Oh sorry……the title was ‘In Real Life’……..I thought it was ‘In My Ideal Life’…….


  1. Perspective changes everything, doesn't it? Idolizing our own plans...why are we always surprised when things don't turn out as we expected?

    Rich blessings as you seek His plans for your day, and surrender your own...

  2. The ideal life and real life rarely intersect, do they?

    May you find joy in the everyday chaos of your real life!

  3. Lol, I completely understand where you're coming from! I think we often get stuck on that "Today is a new day" premise and think it means that yesterdays troubles can't possibly enter again. If only! Funny that we still try to plan so much that is out of our control! Great post! (Visiting from The Gypsy Mama.)

  4. Thanks for reading, and for your comments ladies!
    Be Blessed.