Friday, 16 December 2011

Weekly Song Round Up

School has now broken up and we will gradually start swinging into Christmas in our house.

Decorations will go up, sweets will be bought and cheesy Christmas DVD's will be watched.

But most importantly and on my insistence we will have Jim Reeves Christmas album accompanying our lives over the next week!

My Mum was a big Jim Reeves fan, and it is just nostalgic for me. I am instantly in my childhood home, in the kitchen, messing around, being stupid, having a laugh, whatever, probably in fact complaining at how awful it was having Jim Reeves on when we could have 'Now that's what I call Christmas'.

But now, as an adult with my own family I can inflict it on my kids because I know it will add to their memories of Christmas, and now as an adult I can finally admit, what's not to love about Jim Reeves?

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