Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Round Robins continued......

God's Round Robin (not only to be read at Christmas).

Dear Child

I know you have had difficult times this year, you will always face trials, but sometimes it is possible to profit and learn from them.  I was with you every time you cried out to me, I answered you, but sometimes you didn't listen.  I held you close to me and protected you from the earthly dangers around you, knowing that all would be well in your eternal life.

When you celebrated and had fun this year, I was with you too.  It made me so happy to see the joy and laughter in your life, and it pleased me that you thanked me for it constantly.  You are my child and I love you and want you to have peace.

I know some of your friends and family who you love dearly do not yet know me, but I know them, and I hear your prayers for them, continue to show them through your life who I am.

My gift to you this year is still the same as it was last year, and will be forever.  It is the gift of eternal life, through my Son Jesus Christ.

Please accept it.

My love to you always

Your Heavenly Father


  1. This is potent, T.C.! Thanks for the reminder of God's presence and eternal gift.

  2. Thank you Stephen. God is truly wonderful!