Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Round Robins continued......

The Round Robin you shouldn't send....

"Well I didn't think we'd still be here to write to you, it was touch and go for a while with Bob's kidney stones, but he finally passed them in June. As for my 'trouble' it has been worse this year than ever. I've now been put on a different medication as the other was disagreeing with my digestive system.  I had to sleep in the spare room some nights so Bob could get some sleep, and of course that's only a 'put me up' bed so it played havoc with my back.  I've got an appointment with the specialist about my back in January, so I will be able to update you next Christmas on how that went.

We didn't get away for a holiday this year, with all the illness and the credit crunchie we just couldn't afford it, and with our eldest just having had the babby, it's a constant financial drain. Also we're still paying off the fine for our youngest from last year. This Government is a disgrace, like Bob said, when he were young it would've been a quick telling off and sent home with his tail between his legs, but no, they need to make an example of youngsters these days, it's not our Ricky's fault his friends all legged it and left him holding the matches.

Our street all put up our decorations and lights in November, except for the miserable git at no.5.  There's always someone who just can't seem to have any fun, and grumbles about everything.  He'll probably wait till the middle of December to put his lights up, what's the point in that?

We've not bought gifts to send out this year, we had to make Christmas cut-backs and we promised ourselves last year the priority was to get the inflatable snowmen for the front, it's important to do your bit in the community at this time of year isn't it".

Love From

Bob, Sheila, Chantel & Ricky


  1. love to laugh even tho I am officially I haven't put up Christmas decorations in 8 years, can I make it 9? That's mostly because when I moved 8 years ago my sister threw them She is no longer allowed to help me clean. Those inflatables are just targets for handheld flamethrowers that I can aim out the window of my car driving down the street. I just can't convince anyone that it really is the #1 thing on my Christmas list.

    However, I really crave the quiet time I get to have just me and Jesus without the hype. My church doesn't sing a bunch of Christmas carols until Christmas. We do advent and focus on preparing our hearts to receive the message of God's love sent to earth once again and let it renew us, not break us. This is the #1 gift I want and only Jesus can give it to me, cuz it's HIM.

  2. Glad you had a laugh, it is allowed, even when you're depressed - trust me, I know.

    Good to know that you want to spend time with Jesus, and know this, He wants to spend time with you.