Friday, 11 May 2012

Facing My Fears On Race Day!

My first run for charity is fast approaching - just over one week away to be exact! Considering I had never done any serious exercise until just a few months ago (unless you can call falling off a fitball or being the most un-co-ordinated person in a Zumba class serious exercise) I am really proud of how I am doing! Along, of course with my faithful friend who is just as un-exercised as I am!

There is one teensy weensy little problem that I am worried about on the day. If you know me and have ever been with me at a Carnival or in the Mall at Christmas time etc. you will know about my slightly irrational fear - of dressed up characters. eg Disney, bears, cows you name it, if it's in the human form but not a human it scares the living daylights out of me, to the point where my small children and their friends have had to accompany me with my eyes closed, crying, away from the offending creature!

My eldest daughter who utilizes her days off extremely well by sitting in front of Phil & Holly on This Morning, watched them do a week on phobia's and decided she had mastered the techniques to cure me, all I have to do is think of something that makes me laugh and then look at a character and while my brain is laughing I will create a new memory and not be frightened! Nothing makes me laugh more than this clip from Harry Hill and in fact when I went out to the theatre the other week with my hubby, we were surprised to see a Mickey Mouse standing outside! I immediately conjured up the memory of Harry getting in and out of the shower and started singing 'The Autumn Leaves'! I know I looked ridiculous but I wasn't half as scared as usual, so on race day if I am acting peculiar have a look around and if I am near anything dressed up funny that'll be why!

I have battered my knees, my hands, my pride and my digestive system and am prepared to face my phobia!  But the end is in sight, well for a few months at least, I stupidly said out loud that if we hit £500 sponsorship money I would run a half marathon with my sister's in September! Why do I open my mouth? 


  1. It was great thank you! There was only one fully dressed up bear and by the time I spotted him he was gone, but my friends immediately reminded me of my coping mechanism so it was fine! I'd do it again!