Friday, 29 April 2011

Princess Beatrice is Lady Ga Ga...........

Having not shown the slightest bit of interest in the build up to R.W.D (Royal Wedding Day) I was surprised when I found myself glued to it this morning!

My intention was if it's a bright sunny day we'll take the kids out somewhere, but if we happen to be at home I will chanel surf past it just to show willing.

Well I put it on at 10am with the intention of having it as background noise, and before I knew it myself and 3 of the kids were all comfortably sat watching it, complete with drinks and the last of the Easter chocolate!

I did feel a little uncomfortable when the camera kept zooming in on Elton and hubby, and while they took their vows I cringed a little, at the many millions of people who take those vows only for them to be broken, Williams parents included.

I do not make judgements on gay people or divorcees, I myself am a sinner who has fallen short of God's glory, but, whereas in a human way I felt a little embaressed and uncomfortable about what God must make of it all, what I must remember is we are all created by God and part of his plan, and he will show us love no matter what, and I guess until the day of judgement comes when we have to answer to him we may never know all of what truely embaresses or offends God.

That said, didn't they look gawwwwjusss...........

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