Sunday, 1 July 2012

Whip out the Wordle

Enjoyed church this morning, aside from the always excellent sermon from one David Lawrence, I learnt of a new techy internety thing I had not come across before! Wordle's! 

No-one else seemed to know what they were and I must admit, I at first thought they were a band from the 70's who had a string of hits including 'I've got a brand new combine harvester'.

But no, a cool little website that takes any text you add and makes a pretty picture with the words and emphasises the most used one's.

So, have had a little play this afternoon, (as well as entertaining friends for afternoon tea in the garden) and quite like what it came up with.

It's an apologetics wordle!

I'm actually down to lead our home-group on Tuesday on the topic of 'introducing apologetics' and I'm actually quite nervous, but this says it all really, 'defense'! So, if all else fails on Tuesday and I'm floundering around for how to lead it, I'll just whip out the wordle!

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